End times Salvation



How many people are there that can’t see or don’t want to see what is happening in our world.?? It is time to look around you open your eyes to see the horror that is happening in the world. People look around you every day we hear in the news “Murder killing, Rape, Pedophilia., Teenagers out of control fighting in the streets ,Drugs ,Shootings,Wars, I could go on and on. ..   We turn on our TVs all we hear is violence and so sad to say we don’t bat an eyelid “THIS HAS BECOME THE NORM ”

GOD has been taken out of our schools, the scouts, the army, on and on it goes because we are too afraid it might offend some people ..Our government’s are pandering to one race of people “Muslims “we are not asked about any of these changes. .what about us being offended. .how many of us are offended by the word Allah or Muhammad. .but again we sit silent. ..People let your voice be heard ,,,PUT GOD BACK ,,,into our lives. .It amazes me how many people say GOD BLESS AMERICA. .REALLY REALLY.. What on earth is GOD Supposed to bless.??? Same sex marriage, killing,Shootings, Rape, Pedophilia, Violence of every description, Children that change their sex at the age of 8 and eleven years old, …And this people is not just America it is happening in every country.

GOD is giving out a warning to the whole world !!! “Repent of your sins “,Are we all to proud and stubborn to get on our knees and ask God for his forgiveness. ..well let me tell you unless we do just that we are heading straight for hell . Our GOD is a just and loving GOD but he won’t wait forever …GOD SAYS REPENT NOW ASK JESUS INTO LIFE TODAY. ..I truly believe that we are living in the end times. ..time is running out people. ..

Salvation is only through Jesus Christ. .there is no other way. .don’t believe Satan’s lie telling you there are many ways to HEAVEN. …it’s a lie Jesus is the ONLY WAY. .Jesus said no one can come to the Father except through me. ..REPENT NOW TOMORROW MAY BE TOO LATE. ..Salvation is found in Jesus. ..Jesus loves you. .

.Acts 2:38 Then Peter said unto them, repent, and be Baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

I have much more to tell you. .God has shown me so much. .I don’t believe He showed me things just to keep to myself. .I also believe that the Holy Spirit is leading me to write these blogs. .Children of God. ..make things right with the Lord Repent if you need to and ask Jesus to forgive you. ..time is running out make sure your heart is right with God

.Romans 10:9 Because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.    SALVATION ….NOW IS THE APPOINTED TIME…..Receive the free gift from Jesus. .

I will finish  here for now I will be posting much more



11 thoughts on “End times Salvation

    1. Email. ..aherning5@bigpond.com lovelyo hear from you also. …The Lord has put it in my heart that time is running out the lost need to be reached like never before. .I hope you don’t mind me rebloging your great blogs.??? …people need to hear as much as possible also we as Christians need lifting up from one another. ..it’s very easy for our well to dry up we need to be on fire for the Lord as never before. ..many many Blessings Drgold. ..Annemarie. .x Maranatha Speed The Day.


    2. Hi Wyman I’ve been trying to send you emails but they keep bouncing back. ..Wyman have you seen the opening ceremony for Gotthard base tunnel in Switzerland? ? Could you please have a look. ..it’s the most bizarre, Demonic, Satanic, evil event I’ve ever seen. ..it’s on utube. .could you please tell me what you think. .kind regards and God bless. Annemarie


      1. Hi Annemarie
        I hope that you got my latest email on the tunnel & that my email is getting through to you.

        Thank you for the many reblogs & your hard work. God richly bless you for your service toward Him. Aloha & Agape Again, Drgold!


  1. Hi Wyman. .I received your email thank you so much for replying to my message. ..I have to say that the tunnel opening was the most bizarre and evil thing I’ve ever seen DEMONIC, Satanic pure evil. …they are not even hiding it now. ..the world is getting darker and darker I pray that we as Christians will be a light in that darkness. ….I will be posting more of your blogs. .thank you for allowing me to reblog your wonderful blogs. .there are not many blogs that I reblog it’s a long process many hours of reading and then rebloging where the Holy Spirit leads me…I thank the Lord for being able to discern truth when I read it. …my heart breaks when I see so many lost souls praying that we can all be a light in their darkness. ..as we both know after the rapture it will be nearly impossible to receive God’s Word. ..God Bless you and yours much love in Christ. .Maranatha Speed The Day


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